Ngilu leads Malombe and Musila in tight Kitui race



Incumbent Governor Charity Ngilu appears to have a marginal lead against former Governor Julius Malombe and Former Senator David Musila in what is shaping up to be tight gubernatorial race for Kitui’s top seat.

In what is shaping up to be a repeat of the 2017 polll scenario of a three horse race, Ngilu is pitted against his former competitors this time with two additions to the race. Fomer Kitui East legislator and immediate former Ambassador to Uganda Kiema Kilonzo as well as former Nairobi Deputy Governor have also joined the fray.

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In an independent poll leaked to the County Diary, Ngilu is leading with 31% support across Kitui county while Malombe and Musila are polling neck and neck at 22 and 20 percent respectively.

Kiema who is rumored to have picked Wiper supremo’s son Kevin Muasya as his running mate comes a distant fourth at 8 percent while Mueke who is running on a United Democratic Alliance ticket polled a paltry 2 percent.

Curiously, there is a significant and game changing block of undecided voters at 15%. It’s believed that the undecided vote is attributed to two factors: The rumor that incumbent Governor may not defend her seat and is instead focused to securing a slot within the National politics where she is one Raila Odinga’s biggest pillar in his presidential quest.

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Ngilu has since been appointed to Raila’s campaign board. Odinga is running on the Azimio la Umoja coalition that has received endorsement and support from President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The other reason of the huge undecided vote is attributed to the fact that Wiper part has yet to pick it’s flag bearer for the August polls.

Wiper is expected to conduct nomination polls to pick it’s gubernatorial candidate but talk is rife that Kalonzo prefers consensus to avert a looming fall out as was the case in 2017.

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Pundits have opined that were Ngilu to run in what is seemingly a crowded race then she would undoubtedly carry the day.

It however remains to be seen how Wiper navigates the usually polarizing nomination exercise with some Wiper insiders intimating that the entry of Kalonzo’s son Muasya maybe his waterloo moment in his quest to recapture the coveted Governor’s seat he lost to Narc leader and current Governor Charity Ngilu.