Ngilu Keeps Enemies of Kitui Development Guessing



By Real Musangi

Kitui Governor charity kaluki Ngilu is among well polished politician in Kenya like it or not, People keep imagining that removing Governor Ngilu from office is going to be a walk in the park.

It certainly wont happen through cooked up scandals and cheap gossip done on WhatsApp groups ranting. She will implement her Manifesto the best possible way only a Mother would.

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Criticism is welcome but only when it’s constructive. Also Insults and abuse are not criticism. The way some of the propaganda is done makes you wonder if the people spreading gossip have a brain.

We will debunk and burst wide open any propaganda and gossip brought by enemies of development. We will not relent. When the dust settles the people of Kitui County will differentiate politics from development.

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It may be true that some of Governor Ngilu’s officers have let her down terribly. That’s a matter only her can address. Having said that, it should also be understood that Governor Ngilu has some of the best brains in her administration. How else did she defeat a sitting Governor and a sitting senator?

Lastly no matter the difference in opinion, we should all remember the larger goal is to make Kitui County better. It will never be about who fails and who is to be blamed. Let us support the Governor to deliver development to Kitui County even as we criticize her constructively.

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Bitterness, hate, gossip, insults and propaganda will only serve to delay the train of development and prosperity for Kitui County. They will not stop it. This is a new dawn.