Ngilu Indicts Wiper MCAS for stymieing Her development agenda


By: Brian Malasi.

Governor Charity Ngilu today, expressed her dissatisfaction with the Kitui County Assembly for rejecting her nominees for the County Public Service Board.
Governor Ngilu said the matter had been politicised by the Wiper party and would have far reaching consequences to Kitui people.

Speaking to journalists, Governor Ngilu said Wiper Party politics were the main reason for the rejection.
She said the Wiper MCAs intentionally snubbed discussing a suplimentary budget presented to the Assembly last Friday.
The Governor called upon the Assembly speaker George Ndoto to desist from pushing Wiper Agenda as instructed by Wiper Party leader, Kalonzo Musyoka at the expense of the People of Kitui.

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This comes in the wake of an ongoing worldwide Covid 19 pandemic.
The board was expected to employ sons and daughters of Kitui to help reverse the effects of the pandemic as directed by the president Uhuru Kenyatta.