On Thursday, December 2020 –Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu hosted community leaders from Kitui south, the COUNTY DIARY REPORTS.

The leaders were drawn from all the six wards from Kitui south, the Governor took the opportunity to explain his dreams for the better Kitui.

Governor Charity Ngilu today held a consultative meeting with community leadership of Kitui South at the ATC Hall in Kitui town.

The meeting sought to discuss the region’s development issues and growth that is key in improving livelihoods of the residents in the area.

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In her remarks, Governor Ngilu said her government will spare no effort to ensure that the ordinary citizen continues to benefit from government services as envisaged in the devolution development agenda.

She emphasized her administration’s commitment in fighting poverty and focusing on projects that seek to better the lives of Kitui people.

On BBI, Governor Ngilu said time was right to endorse a constitutional moment that allows more resources allocated to devolved governments to spur growth at the grassroots.

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Governor Ngilu challenged leaders to back her dream in empowering the people of Kitui.

“We Must invest in building capacity within our people, I need to use the little resources within Kitui instead of taking the little Resources outside the1 county” Ngilu added.

Kitui south is the richest sub-county, endowed with unlimited resources, we must invest in wealth creation, Ngilu added.