Ngilu Directs her Deputy Dr Wathe to deal mercilessly with Desert Locust’s invasion in Kitui County



Locusts invasion of Swarms of Desert Locust (DL) lands in Kitui South

On Wednesday, 30th Dec 2020 – Kitui Deputy Governor Dr Wathe Nzau issued updates of the Second invasion of Swarms of Desert Locust (DL) in Kitui County.

Swarms of Desert Locust comprising of immature and mature have invaded different Villages in Mutha and Kanziko Wards both in Kitui South Sub County.

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In Mutha Ward they have invaded:- Musenge, Ithambanzou, Kyangoto, Katene, Winyunyi, Kyusini, Sikwata, Ndakani, and Kivandini Villages, while in Kanziko Ward they have invaded Keutunda/ Kyanyaa Village.

After they were seen in parts of Kitui South Sub County, H.E Governor Charity Ngilu immediately conducted the Cabinet Secretary in charge of Agriculture Hon Peter Munya, who immediately responded by directing the officers heading *Plant Protection Services (PPS) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), to dispatch a technical team with vehicle-mounted sprayers to Kitui, to collaborate with the County Government in managing the menace.

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Yesterday, Governor Charity Ngilu directed her Deputy Dr Wathe Nzau, to coordinate the entire technical team from National Government and County Government through the Ministry of Agriculture, to eliminate all the swarms of desert Locust in the County.

Dr Wathe is earnestly coordinating the technical team in the Ministry of Agriculture, Administrators and community leaders in managing the situation and ensuring a timely reporting is done about the movement of those desert locust for better planning and action.

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The technical team from Nairobi is scheduled to arrive in the County before the end of today, then spraying using motorized pumps mounted on vehicles start by tomorrow.