Ngilu Corners Communication Team as They Vent Anger On Renowned Bloggers



A simmering showdown is looming pitting Governor Charity Ngilu bloggers and the county government public relations officers. The bloggers are quick to report the Government events as it happens unlike their peers.

The County Government Public Relations and Communications officers have been put on notice for sleeping on their Job and failing to effectively publicise what the Government of H.E Charity Ngilu is delivering to Kitui people as per her campaign pledges in 2017.

In a high-level meeting, Governor Charity Ngilu demanded to know why the office of PR and Communication has been dormant save for a few of the visible individuals.

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In a rejoinder, one of the officials alleged they have not been involved in the day-to-day activities of the County Government and that they feel sidelined.

They claimed that some of the County Executive Committee Members and Chief officers have been using their friendly bloggers to cover their event instead of using the official PR and Communication.

According to a COUNTY DIARY deep mole, some of the officers claim they are civil servants and they will be in office even when Ngilu exits the stage, and they don’t have to labour much.

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To their surprise, the Governor ordered all people who support the Government to be fully involved.

Speaking to the County Diary, one of Charity Ngilu’s renowned blogger Steve Mumbu restated that all County Government allied bloggers will continue supporting the Governor regardless of whether political opponents like it or not and aren’t bothered about petty infighting.

“We can’t sit watch salaried county officers sabotage the government they are serving and killing the dreams of established bloggers ” Mumbu said.

The celebrated bloggers like yoana, Steve have an elaborate social media infrastructure in Kitui, and the government institutions memory beyond Kitui.

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Section of bloggers have been accused of failing to capture the image of the County Government in their blogging while a section of PR and Communication officers have been accused of being in the opposition while leading the onslaught of the same government of the day they serve.

Speaking to the COUNTY DIARY EDITOR, One of the Governor Ngilu Top officer warned those officers who are fighting the government they serve, “Just remind them this, “A child who criticises his mother’s cooking to the neighbours will soon sleep hungry”.