Ngilu Challenges Varsities to Engage County Governments to Solve Collective Challenges.


Monday, November 19, 2018

By Barrack Muli,

Governor Charity Ngilu has called on Universities to not only offer lectures but also engage stakeholders and apply research findings in solving challenges facing mwananchi.

Speaking at SEKU University today during the pre-conference workshop of the International Conference on Science, Technology and innovation in Sustainable Development in Dryland Environments, Ngilu said strategic partnerships between county governments and universities will have immense benefits, including skills development, sustainable exploitation of the existing natural resources and environmental management.

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She applauded the institutions for focusing on environmental management, dryland agriculture, mining and water resource management.

“The five universities located in the dryland region are uniquely established to explore and build capacity and skills prudent for management of dryland natural resources in areas they are found for the benefit of the larger community” She said.

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Ngilu challenged the institutions to seek innovative ways to the perennial problems of water, food insecurity and general economic backwardness that has afflicted the ASAL counties for years.

Among the participants attending are Umma University, Machakos, Garissa, KDSA and Lukenya Universities and the DAAD that supports international partnerships through a number of schemes that aim to foster cooperation among higher education institutions.