Ngilu cements Working sync with Assembly Leadership

Kitui County Governor Charity Ngilu has assured Kitui County Assembly that she is ready to strengthen the working relationship between the two arms of government.

The Governor said the two arms of government can work together harmoniously in order for both to perform their respective roles effectively.
The Governor Ngilu emphasized on the need to have the assembly carry out oversight role but called for fairness and sensitivity in executing the mandate.
She extended her readiness to continue working with the County Assembly saying both the arms play their respective roles but must embrace goodwill towards each other.
“It is important now for all of us to ask why we’ve had such conflicts and what we can do to avoid them”. The speech read.
The senior executive and the assembly are in Mombasa for a working retreat that is aimed at ironing out the difference between the two arms of government.
In her speech read by Kitui Deputy Governor Dr. Wathe Nzau, Governor Ngilu said the retreat was key in discussing the “dynamic relationship” to generate positive energy and shun needless conflicts in the future.
Her message expounded on the retreat’s role in reflecting on the shared responsibility and providing leadership to the people of Kitui.
“I thank you – honorable members because we’ve agreed to work together and can only work better if we work together”. The speech read.
The Governor, however, cited serious financial difficulties linked to legislative stalemates in Parliament between the National Assembly and Senate as a key challenge to service delivery.
The stalemate over the budgetary process led to delay of the passing of the budget, which was eventually approved by the assembly in November.
Assembly Speaker George Ndoto on his part asked the attendants to be candid with each other in their discussions in order to conclusively resolve the conflict between the two arms of government.
Today’s meeting included separate group sessions to deeply evaluate progress and brainstorm on improving the working rapport between the arms.
The forum was co-chaired by Deputy Governor Dr. Wathe Nzau and Assembly Speaker George Ndoto.

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