Ngilu Calls on SEKEB members to Commit to Building a Strong Bloc


Sunday, December 16th, 2018

By Gabriel Ndeleva

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has today called on Ukambani Governors to make ukambani region a strong ‘country’ in the Kenyan nation.

Speaking at St. Christopher Catholic Church Kyumbi in Machakos County today, Ngilu advised Machakos and Makueni Counterparts Dr. Alfred Mutua and Prof. Kivutha Kibwana refrain from tiffs over the location of the Konza City.

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She said dropping the tussle and paving way for the construction of the city would majorly benefit the three counties.

The Governor however called on them to work in unison to establish an economically stable bloc under SEKEB saying the region has the potential.

Ngilu contrasted the SEKEB case with the biblical Moses who used his stick (potential) to make a way in the sea noting the huge potential the bloc has to spur growth in the member counties.

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“We have Tana and Athi Rivers passing through our counties. We have adequate land, labour and capital yet we consume vegetables bought from other regions. The buy Kitui build Kitui is a case of my commitment to strengthening my people” she said.

She said KICOTEC factory in Kitui had received 74,100 garment orders that will help grow the county economy.

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“We have Fruit and Milk Processing plant in Makueni, Cheap and affordable medical covers in the three Counties, Ndengu revolution in Kitui and Makueni Counties and the Mianda irrigation program in Kitui, which can also be rolled out in the other counties and the Konza City project”.she added.

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