Ngilu appoints New Kitui County secretary Dr. Joshua Chepchieng

The New Kitui County secretary Mr.Joshua Chepchieng

Meet The New Sheriff In Town, The New CS Mr Joshua Chepchieng

Former kitui DC chepchieng has been seconded to Kitui county by the Interior Ministry as the new county secretary, The New County secretary was once a District Commissioner in Kitui when the current Governor was an MP & minister concurrently, The COUNTY DIARY has learnt.

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The officer has a wealth of knowledge and experience in matters administration and he knows every part of Kitui county, he has served in many counties, including Bugoma, Garrisa as a County Commissioner.

The humble hard-working administrator is now the new sheriff in town, he is not an only administrator but also more of intelligence bailiwick.

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Loyal Alex Kimanzi who has been acting for years will now go back to his official position as deputy County Secretary in a new line up, the COUNTY DIARY has learnt.

Alex Kimanzi, the man who wears a box hair cut and walks with a limp and who for eternity has served as acting County secretary has finally taken over his old position as Kitui Deputy County Secretary.

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His appointment has shattered hopes for Mrs. Masya and others who hoped to clinch the position Mr. Chepchieng was formally introduced to the cabinet.