Ngilu, Amb.Kiema and Senator Wambua Face off


As fate would have it, Kitui political friends-turned bitter rivals on Sunday met during a church service in Kitui town for the first time this year, the COUNTY DIARY has can reported.

The rendezvous that brought together Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu, Senator Hon Kiio Wambua, Uganda Ambassador Hon Kiema Kilonzo, and Dr.Isaac Kalua was not without drama, innuedo and politicial posturing.

The quartet met during a church service at AIC Township in Kitui town.

On his part Kitui township MCA Hon Ndoo during his speech heaped praise on Governor Ngilu for initiating life-changing programs and asked politicians to tone down the rhetoric and allow the current regime to serve the people of Kitui county.

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But as is norm, the coterie of politicians as usual did not shy away from the political rant, despite being housed in a holy ground.

The outspoken environmentalist Dr Isaac Kalua called upon Governor Ngilu to dismiss Senior Officers who are being accused of corruption under her watch.

“Do not spare them. Your utmost duty is to protect the county resources from such individuals, he added,

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Mr Kalua caused laughter when he said He can help the Governor to kick out corrupt officers from her Government.

On his part, Kitui Senator Hon Kiio Wambua led the congregation in singing hymns songs and thanking the Lord God for the Gift of Life and rains in Kitui.

Uganda high commission Ambassador Kiema Kilonzo on his part conveyed the Wiper Democratic Movement party leader Message of Goodwill and revealed by 2022 that he will be on the race for the Governor’s Seat.

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Governor Ngilu on her part reminded Politicians that there is no leadership vacuum in Kitui and those who intend to unseat her Must prepare for all mother of battle in 2022.

She reminded Amb. Kiema that by 2013 they used to be in one camp, and she doesn’t know when they fell out.

During the official opening of The New Mega Inland Church church by AIC Kenya Presiding Bishop Rev. Dr Silas Yego.

Kitui township Member of county assembly Hon Ndoo Mwanza, Hon Kavolonza, Hon Katheke was among thousands of AIC faithful are in attendance the ceremony.