By Steven Mutua

In the very beginning when God made the world, one day darkness approached God and said, “You have to do something. Your sun has been harassing me continuously; from the morning till evening, he goes on chasing me. I cannot rest even for a moment before he comes again. And I have not done him any wrong. Still, for some unknown reason, he is being so antagonistic towards me. You have to say something to him. It has to be stopped.”

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God said, “This is strange; why should he do that? Call the sun immediately.” The sun was called and God said, “Why do you torture darkness?”

He said, “Darkness? I have never met her. How can I torture somebody whom I have never met, have never even seen? It is the first time I have ever heard that there is something like darkness.”
God said, “But darkness herself has complained against you.”
The sun said, “I am ready to apologize, to tell her I am sorry. Call her!”

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And God sent messenger after messenger, but darkness would not come. When the sun was gone, darkness came, and God said, “So late…? You both have to be present together; only then can this matter be settled.”

The matter still remains unsettled, because both cannot be present together. The complaint from darkness is still in the files of God. But since then darkness has not come back to complain, because again the same question will arise, that they both have to be present in front of God. Only then is any judgment possible.

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Darkness cannot be present when light is present. Why? – because darkness has no existence of its own; it is only absence of light. Light has a positive existence of its own; darkness is only absence. When light is not there, darkness is; when light is there, darkness is not.