Netizens Mock Kitui West Parliamentary Aspirant for Launching One Ball


On 10th, September, 2020 – One of kitui west parliamentary aspirant Ben Mbai shocked the netizens after bragging to have launched one ball for Mang”elu FC.

Mbai has been a parliamentary aspirant from for decades trying to win the election for those care to follow his election political life.

In one of the active and serious Kitui west WhatsApp Group Dubbed KWELF, Which comprises who is who in kitui west, Ben Mbai’s Media person posted his day activities only to be mocked and tongue lashed by members of the forum in a satirical manner.

This is the post.

Mang’elu FC. Courtesy of Hon Ben Mbai.Good work Mweshimiwa.

The post attracted negative comments from members with others satirically thanking him for the big achievement.

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