Ndee Nation Will Inform The future Of Kitui, Declares Nimrod Mbai


The Suave and Brave Kitui East Member of Parliament Hon Nimrod Mbai has thrown Spanner into works in a move that left Kitui County tongue wagging.

Nimrod Mbai wrote in one on of popular WhatsApp Group in kitui county, Dubbed Kitui Professional Chat an online forum which comprises all kitui leaders, ”

Ndee Nation will inform the future of Kitui County Trying to obstruct Ndee Nation is like trying to “Kusyiiya wituuwo na kitala” nukwiyituiya

His sentiment has been widely supported by members as 2022 general election beckons, Nimrod has continued to position himself as the Ndee Nation General.

Photo file- Brave Mp Nimrod Mbai Confronts camel herders in kitui east last year.

More to follow

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