Looking for County Youth leadership – Benchmark in Nandi County.

By Yoana Kimwele.
It has been said that the youth are the leaders of tomorrow – This false narrative has been used by the old order to suppress the youth who are seeking political positions in the counties.

When Kenya promulgated the constitution in 2010, things started to change.

Nandi Governor HE Sang’ has set the record straight for Kenyan youth proving to the world that ‘you can lead and provide leadership at the tender age like HE Governor Sang.

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Nandi Senator Hon Samson cherarkey, photo courtesy

Governor Sang’ of Nandi County is 35yrs. His wife only 29 yrs old, The Senator of Nandi Hon Samson cherarkey is relative very young and very Vocal at the senate, the two leaders are super role model to kenyan youth, We have the reason to benchmark in Nandi.

“So thus this shows that the youth has untapped and unexploited potential to become anything – with focus and determination”.

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Let’s other counties embrace youth leadership and avoid to be divided by our leaders who seriously have no interests of the youth at heart – to the Kenya youth we have a date with destiny, Kitui East youth Leader Mr Kombulu wrote on social Media.

If it happened in Nandi County, it can happen in other counties.

Youth leaders in Kenya need to benchmark in Nandi County and see how the youth leadership OVERCAME the old Order.

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The Governor of Nandi County is Super Role model for Kenyan youth who are aspiring for elective posts in Kenya.

Kitui Youth Leadership should take this as an awakening call to go for the elective positions during the next general elections.Power is not given on a silver platter, Power but TAKEN!

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