The standard gauge railway which was to be a blessing is now the last nail in Ukambani economic casket,after the National Government launched a dry container deport in Naivasha.

Ukambani and Coastal Counties will be the biggest casualties as Naivasha dry port will systematically kill all towns along Nairobi-Mombasa road by technically kicking out truck drivers to Nairobi–Nakuru highway.

The wicked idea was to make Naivasha the terminus for all cargo shipped through Mombasa sea port to purnish Ukambani and coastal economic blocks for voting in favour of NASA (formerly CORD) and reward Rift valley and Central with jobs for loyalty to Jubilee.

They are robbing Peter to pay Paul coz they depend on the support of Paul. Raila’s handshake with Uhuru rubber stamped the deal, thats why they expanded the port in Lake Victoria and SGR was extended to Nyanza. The two agreed to take another international loan but Kenya was denied funds, when they made a trip to convince China.


Since independence no government regime has ever robbed any community the benefits of any infrastructural developments in their hood, it is now happening under our watch. It is not an issue of if but when Mlolongo, Makutano Chumvi, Salama, Sultan Hamud, Emali, Makindu,Kibwezi, Kambu Mtito Andei, Voi and Mombasa towns road will be dissolete.

Two thirds of the super highway passes through to Makuni County. Am talking out of example coz that’s how we killed the once promising towns of Machinery and Ngwata. Didn’t we make them ruins by relocating from the Old Mombasa road to the new one? What is the fate of those business men who bought plots and invested in rentals, hotels and clubs?

Where is our County leadership and our legislatures in the bicamial parliament? Why is Makueni Governor, Senator, Speaker, MPs and our MCAs not pronouncing themselves in this? I thought those representing Mavoko, Kibwezi West,Kibwezi East and Kilome should be the loudest.

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They all went were mute when a motion tabled in parliament by Nyali MP Mohamed Ali to impeach Transport CS Macharia was terrebly defeated on the floor of the house.

Thanks to the courts for declaring a government-to-government deal that gave me a Chinese firm monopoly to transport cargo from Mombasa sea port to Naivasha dry port void. Research has it that traders prefer their goods to come via road and not rail coz it is affordable,faster and flexible.

To transport goods from Mombasa to Nairobi a truck will charge 90K per container and deliver at your doorstep.While container on SGR has to go to Naivasha dry port at Ksh.130K , be put in a warehouse where the trader shall be charge for warehouse and the clearing and forwarding can’t be done within 24hrs. You will also need to hire a truck for about Ksh 50K to bring your goods to Nairobi.

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Fellow leaders let me remind you that you swore to protect our public interests. Some of us are busy debating on who shall become what in 2022 but my heart goes out to the families of those who will close businesses and lose jobs along the highway.

I cry for the machanics in Mlolongo, that petrol station attendant at Kyumbi, that fruits hawker in Emali that Charcoal seller in Kiunduani,that bar maid in Makindu and the food vendor in Mtito Andei.

History will judge us harshly if we dont rise up to the occasion, those who remain silent have chosen the side of our oppressors.God kill me now if i keep my stinking mouth shut as evil prevails. What’s the point of living if i let go our birthright.