Nairobi CEC For Inclusivity, customer service & public Participation Dr. Nyalita Meets Gov Malombe


Kitui Governor Dr Julius Makau Malombe EGH held talks with Nairobi County Executive Committee Member For Inclusivity, customer service & public Participation Dr. Anastasia Nyalita after she paid Courtesy call at his board room office.

County Executive – Dr. Anastasia Nyalita was in the company of several officials from Nairobi county Government who paid a courtesy call to the office Governor Malombe to see how the two counties can collaborate together in the area of tourism .


The delegation led by Nairobi county Executive – Dr. Anastasia Nyalita was in the company of his CO and other officials, the visit to the picturesque town of Kitui. This visit aimed to explore and promote the hidden gems of Kitui as an emerging tourism destination.

The team was captivated by the natural beauty, serene landscapes, and rich cultural heritage the town has to offer. They engaged with local communities, artists, and craftsmen, gaining insights into their traditions and unique crafts.

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The visit provided an opportunity for collaboration between Nairobi and Kitui, fostering the growth of sustainable tourism and opening doors for economic development in the region. With its untapped potential, Kitui has undoubtedly caught the attention of the Nairobi tourism team, promising a bright and prosperous future for this hidden gem.

In a move towards promoting inclusivity and diversity between two counties. The meeting discussed strategies and initiatives that could be implemented between two county Governments to collaborate on the area of interests.

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They also brainstormed innovative ideas for improving inclusivity, such as the introduction of ramps and elevator facilities in public buildings, sensitization campaigns to raise awareness about tourism.

The meeting highlighted the commitment of the kitui County Government and Nairobi county government to inclusivity and signal promising step forward in creating touristic needs of all its residents, regardless of their abilities.

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