Churches Dismiss Myello, Demand Their 20K Back


Church dismiss Gospel Musician like alien, told to shave or sing in bars

Trouble is dogging Gospel star Justus Myello.

And the bone of contention lies not in his talent but his new looks.

His appearance has seen his scheduled performances cancelled at AIC Kasina and AIC Jericho intrinsically.

The gospel musician Justus Myello has revealed that two of his performances were cancelled by two churches due to his new hairstyle.

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Speaking to media on Wednesday, Myello divulged that last Sunday he was to perform at AIC Kasina in Mlolongo only for the performance to be cancelled at the last minute.

“I was told to shave first and asked to return the 20,000 I had been paid to perform at the event,” Myello narrated,Myello takes the internet by storm with a new look “On 16th this coming Sunday I was to perform at AIC Jericho in Nairobi but the person who had invited me called me to tell me that the church elders had refused,” he said.

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He insisted that his faith in Christ is still intact unlike the perception of many people.