My Honesty Counsel To Kitui East Youth -Mulaimu Muvusyu


By Mulaimu Muvusyu.


As an elder, professional and politician I would like to say the following to you, the youth:
Kitui East, Kitui County and Kenya belong to each and every one of you equally irrespective of your background.

You may not come from a well-off family but that does not matter.Just look around in your villege/community and you will find many people from humble backgrounds who have made it big over time.

Trace their success and you will find that it is a result of their personal faith, hope and hard work.

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Hard work in education, talents, business, farming, marriage, religious service, community and even a few in politics.
Our land has great potential for prosperity for each one of you.

All we require is a conducive environment for an even platform and equity. It is the government funding and political leadership which are the greatest resources for this in addition to our personal contribution.

Our youth today bear great responsibility in creating the required environment for prosperity by virtue of their advantaged position in education and exposure in technological information.

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Unfortunately you are always prey to cheap and blood stained politics and money which produces bad leadership and a vicious cycle of misery to our community.

You, the youth can decide to stand for change. If you don’t allow anybody to think that you don’t matter, don’t allow yourself to be an object for use, value yourself as a child of the most High God, and know that you are capable of influencing the environment irrespective of your circumstances then you can stand tall and be counted as a source of change.

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There is only one special thing about being MCA,Mp, Governor,etc; and that is the ability to know that your position in one of service to the trust given to you.

My son,my daughter, think bigger about your value and ask God for grace.
Start the required conversation now for your future.

Blessings, Love you guys
Mulaimu Mavusyu
Son of Kitui East