Mwingi Woman Collapses dies after Receiving BAD News of her husband’s Death



On 1st May 2021 – Mwingi North aged Woman collapsed and was rushed to hospital after received bad news of her husband’s death.

The late Mzee had died on Labour day – When his first wife heard the news, she got sick and died of shock on 6th May 2021.

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This is what love is made of they will be buried together at Masyungwa this Saturday, the COUNTY DIARY has learnt .

On 6th, May 2021 – the residents received Sad news, that the wife of the late Musili Mutua, namely Manzila Musili mother to Peter Musili, has also passed on after a short illness.

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Manzile Musili although enjoying her 90 something years, was in deep shock, This is what love is made of the two love birds will be buried together at Masyungwa this Saturday.