Mwingi west Mp Urge Residents to Avail Themselves during Census 2019 exercise


20th, August 2019| County diary

Mwingi West Member of Parliament hon Charles Ngusya Nguna is calling all the residents of Mwingi west and all Kenyans in general, to participate in the forthcoming census exercise.

I encourage you to accord support to all enumerators and other officials during the process of collecting information from your household, Mwingi west mp hon CNN has said.

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Benefit of Participating in The Census

  • Census forms the basis of the resource planning and allocation across the country
  • It enables the government to plan for the various health and wellbeing programs
  • Census enables the government to collect revenue effectively, which can be redirected to development projects.

Using information obtained from the census exercise, its possible for the government to serve you better, Charles told County Diary.

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Participate in the census, for a developed and progressive Kenya, Mwingi west member has said.