Mwingi West Mp Nguna Negotiated Tarmacking of Mbondoni Road – Sources Reveals



INFRASTRUCTURE: There has been a hot debate in Social Media users in kitui on who should take the credit for the ongoing tarmacking of Mbondoni Road.

According to the report from National Assembly, KENHA, and the Ministry of Trasport, Infrastructure, Housing, Urban Development and Public Works In our possession, the COUNTY DIARY Can Authorotatively report that,

It was the tireless effort of the current leadership of Mwingi West that culminated to the tarmacking of the abandoned Mbondoni to Mwingi Road, the TCD Reports.

Section of kitui Politicians are trying to claim credit for the ongoing tarmacking of Mbondoni to Migwani Road yet they were very silent and tight-lipped when the current leadership of Mwingi West was all over lobbying for the road.

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The Contractor is on the site Working on the Abandoned Road, The road is part of Kitui kibwezi road, which is being done under the leadership of President Kenyatta.

Check the Official letters from the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing, Urban Development, and Public Work PS. Prof. Arch. Paul Maringa desk

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