Mwingi West Mp NGUNA asks NGILU to End illegal Sand harvesting at Luli River



Mwingi west Member of Parliament Hon Charles Nguna is calling upon Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu to intervene and end illegal sand harvesting at Luli river.

Speaking to Media Reporters, the wiper legislator asked county government, environmentalists and the people of goodwill to join the fight against those who destroy our environments.

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According to the communique shared to news desk.

“Serious outcry of illegal sand harvesting ongoing at Luli river !! It’s so painful our county is mercilessly destroying our rivers and their staff shamelessly they’re all over campaigning to become leaders” !!

Can we arrest this situation Bwana OCPD , chief and Assistant chief !! This is the last time I want to have a conversation with the county government on the same ,

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I am fed up , the CEC responsible and governor Nguutani people are not happy at all , I’m so fed up with endless calls concerning the same , our roads have been destroyed , The Luli drift I constructed will be destroyed by these heavy lorries

Mwingi West Mp Nguna.