Mwingi west Locked for wiper as Party Nomination enters home stretch


The ongoing political party nomination fever and frenzy has continued to displace various lazy politicians across the country.

Mwingi West wiper Member of Parliament hon Charles Nguna has clearly demonstrated that young leaders can even do wonders if given an opportunity, no wonder the party gave him direct wiper ticket for August general election.

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The leaders who are angling for political seat without any aspect development record around their neck have found it hard to sail through, the current voter is very much informed, the TCD reports.

The wiper Mp Charles Ngusya is among leaders who doesn’t settle for average, in his constituency; the legislator has lobbied countless national government projects outside the CDF Kity.

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You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” a philosopher once said.

As political parties enters home stretch, it’s clearly and evident that Mwingi west is Locked for wiper, it’s a sure bet that the incumbent will deliver the seat to wiper AGAIN as colourless and formless rivals retreat to replan..

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It will be very hard to unseat Wiper Mp in Mwingi west.