Mwingi West locals extol Mp Nguna’s 5-year Track Record, guarantee his reelection in August polls



On Thursday 17th March 2022 – the blue regime continued to dominate Mwingi West as residents continue to shower their praises to their area Member of Parliament hon Charles Nguna over his documented and decorated track record.

The young wiper legislator has shown what a leader can do in a span of five years, signalling the comprehensive complete departure of the old order in Mwingi west.

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Nguna’s escalated Development stint and meet the People tour at Kilulu village in Kisovo Location where he officiated the to Launch the historic grading of Kilulu – King’oini Road lobbied from KERRA under his patronage and leadership.

The Road which links Mwingi West, Kitui Central, Kitui East & Mwingi Central Constituencies has never been graded since it’s existence hence it was completely impassable by motorists.

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After it’s completion, vehicles will be able to reach King’oini Town from mwingi west constituency for the first time.

A scoop of Work will entail.

  • Bush clearing

▪️ Culverts
▪️ Spot murraming
▪️ Concrete Works