Mwingi Pastors Endorse Governor’s Ngilu Reelection in 2022

Kitui GOVERNOR’S PRESS SERVICE.Tuesday, October 12, 2021.

By: Brian Malasia.

It is now official that all members of the Mwingi Pastors Association have switched their support for former Senator David Musila to Governor Charity Ngilu.

The group has promised to support Governor Charity Ngilu in her bid to be Kitui County Governor in the 2022 polls.

In an announcement made by Rev. Peter Kimbu on behalf of the men of God, the clergy registered their disgust at the lies and false promises made to them by Musila and his henchmen, lies that have seen their congregation lose any hope of ever benefiting from a Musila led administration.

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Consequently, the men of God embarked on a soul searching mission that led them to seek solace from Governor Ngilu, the solace that they say has restored the hopes of their congregation, a move that informed their decision to support Governor Ngilu’s re-election bid.

Quoting from the book of Hosea 4:1, Mr Kimbu called upon Kitui residents to open their eyes to the immense opportunities and good leadership offered by Governor Ngilu and shun politicians who peddled ignorance, falsehoods and baseless politics.

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“Our responsibility to guide our flock is bestowed to us by God, as such it would only be unfair if we misinformed our people.

We don’t want to be the lot that suffers because of lack of Knowledge. Governor Ngilu is the God sent the light of Kitui ”. He said.