Mwingi North Residents Embrace Artificial Insemination (AI) Program



By yoana kimwele

The residents of Mukong’a Village in Mwingi North have finally embraced the Artificial insemination program courtesy of Kitui county government.

Kitui County ministry of youth development and ICT chief officer Madam Aginetta Peter is among county top officers leading the program in Mwingi North.

Date 08.02.2019

1. Cows present 38
2. Cows deferred 17
3. Cow pregnant. 4
4. Cows synchronized 17
Total. 38

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Kitui county Ministry of youth Development and ICT chief officer madam Aginetta Peter leading a team of vetinary officers in Mwingi for AI program

In Nguuku Village Artificial insemination program below were the vows attended during the exercise.
1. Cows present 27
2. Cows deferred 6
3. Cow pregnant. 6
4. Cows synchronized 13
5. AI 1 Total. 27

The chief officer madam Aginetta Peter Monitoring the artificial insemination Exercise in mwingi north as residents embrace the program.

Katse village- synchronization program .cows deferred -14,pregnant-3,syncronized-37,given AI -2,Total-56.

The farmers of Mwingi North are thanking the county government of Kitui for launching the ambitious program which is set to upgrade the local breeds in the county.

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Speaking during the launch of programs Kitui Governor HE charity Ngilu said the county government has set aside 30million to make the exercise successful.

Speaking during to the residents the chief officer madam peter reiterated the government commitment to upgrade the cow breeds in kitui county and urged the residents to rally behind the program.

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Madam Aginetta monitoring free artificial insemination program in Mwingi north , the residents have embraced the exercise.