Mwingi North Mp Eng Nzengu In Trouble As Family Member goes for his seat in 2022


By Our Correspondent.

Mwingi North Member of Parliament Eng Paul Musyimi Nzengu could be walking under a tight rope, seven month to the general election.

Mr Ezekiel Muthami popularly Known as Mr Mbisi, a family member has publicly denounced his uncle who is the sitting Member of Parliament and vowed to go for the seat in 2022.

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Mwingi North Mp Eng Nzengu Denounced by Family Member Hon Mbisi over Poor leadership as Mwingi North Politics Hots up, read More.

Speaking to the TCD, Hon Mbisi said his Uncle Hon Malili has failed the People of Mwingi, according to Mr.Ezekiel, “Hon Malili has presided over poor leadership in Mwingi north and has been Using Police to intimidate his opponents.

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Our efforts to reach Mp Nzengu for comments were unsuccessful before going to press.

Mr Mbisi has been on social media expressing his disappointment on Mwingi North WhatsApp Forums accusing the Mp for misusing his power.

Mr Mbisi is secretly admired by the people of Mwingi over his unmatched boldness in equal measure.

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Mwingi North Parliamentary seat has attracted several top guns from Mwingi North, will Mp Nzengu Survive the onslaught from Mbisi and others, only time will tell.