Mwingi Constituency NG-Cdf in Standstill.


NG-Cdf fiasco

By Eng Mwangangi

A constituency in larger Mwingi is at standstill cdf development wise. While the other two constituencies in the larger mwingi MPs are busy disbursing cdf development projects and bursaries, it is rumoured that this constituency has ksh. 50,000,000 (50m) holed up in its account. Most of this money is meant for completion of projects started by his predecessor – one of the major reasons the MP together with his relatives are hesitant to release the funds. If released, the funds will land on the hands of contractors who had been issued the tenders by the previous MP something the MP’s brothers would not hear of.

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It has become so serious the MP had been summoned by maoka moare, the chair of NG-CDF disbursement committee and warned that the constituency could lose out the next disbursement of 30m.

The situation is so serious because even the brothers to the MP can not agree amongst themselves on how to share the tenders as some claim to have invested more than others in securing the seat. They tried a retreat over the Christmas holidays at their grand parents in the lower part of the constituency but it didn’t yield fruits as one of the brothers, a pastor who claims to have spend a lot including supply of maize during the campaigns skipped the retreat in a furry.

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The situation is wanting because even the cdf chairman who is relative to MP are not in talking terms. It is the high time the concerned constituents push the MP to implement projects and disburse bursaries lest people lose more.