Mwingi Central Mp Reads the Riot act to Kivutha Kibwana As Makueni By-election beckons


By Were Fayo

Things could be thicker in Makueni county than we could imagine, The political realignment continue to take shape in Makueni where majority of politicians who had historical issues with Kalonzo are joining him back for a political survival, for what hon Jm Musoma calls the survival for the fittest, It is expected to be messy and Noisy and there will be political casualties going by public outcry in Makueni county.

Wiper movement party leader Hon Kalonzo Musyoka enjoys massive support in Makueni county, His party is reportedly to have parted ways with the aging Governor who is serving his final term.

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Mwingi central member of Parliament hon Gideon Mulyungi has called for Makueni Governor prof Kivutha to show Respect to wiper leader HE Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka and avoid being a community traitor, The Governor has been at loggerhead with wiper leader, the aging professor shocked kenyan when he said Kalonzo has not been able to deliver the presidency to Kamba nation its time he supports him for the seat.

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Speaking to members of press, mulyungi called for aging professor not to be used to cause division in Kamba nation, Kalonzo Musyoka remains our party bearer, ” Musyoka has been able to bring the community to the highest table of discussion and no other person at the moment has the capacity to do so, it will take years to undo and break the record our leader, whoever will break the Kalonzo Musyoka record in ukambani will be the president of the republic of Kenya, not these few senile who are out cause confusion.

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If the makueni Governor is willing to resign from wiper party let him do so, and stop issuing threats, and acusing the party leader for his own mistakes, the party is ready for by-election anytime. We must bring sanity to our counties.

“I will not allow few individuals to mess around with our party leader, Mimi ni Mtu wa Mkono wa Kalonzo Musyoka and we know prof ni Mtu wa mkono wa Nani, Mulyungi said.