Brilliant Mwende Mwinzi Finally Appointed Kenyan Ambassador To South Korea



The brilliant and hard working daughter of Kitui County Her Excellence Madam Mwende Mwinzi has finally been appointed as Kenyan Ambassador to South Korea, local media reports show.

Her ascension is an inspiration to all of us, she brings hope to many not only in Mwingi West where she was born, but the entire Nation of Kenya, Kitui Prominent Blogger and Publisher Yoana Kimwele has said.

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Mwende Mwinzi is a humanitarian, politician, wife and mother.
A United States citizen by birth, she was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1971 to Mary Christine Geil, an American, and Maluki Mwinzi- a Kenyan national.

Her father, a renowned teacher and politician in Kitui, had flown to the US to pursue his undergraduate and then post-graduate degrees where he met her mother.

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She has two sons and went to the US for her higher education, She is married Emeka Edozie, a Nigerian.

Kitui is proud of you. Go go Madam Mwende.