Muvisi Dad Burial: a Political Analytical view Nationally and county wise, a body language study


By Kennedy ndoo

9th Nov 2018

At the onset, this wasn’t a burial. It was Muvisi 2022 political marriage courtship.
The setup was seriously funded. The scene spectacular, Tseikuru residents watched in awe 42 helicopters just landed. That wasn’t truly burial.

The politics

Dp Ruto
✅Today i confirmed this must be the smartest politician around Kenya. Seriously supported by his herald boy murkomen, Ruto seriously wooed Kamba Nation. He declared Kambas as the most reliable and most religious. He has marked Gedion Moi entry to Kamba Nation thru senator Kiio. Today it was clear, if kalonzo doesn’t play ball.Govenor Sonko will deputise him. The most dangerous and popular ticket currently in Kenya

Prezooh Uhuru

Having his last term and keen on leaving legacy, he didn’t have anything to anyone politically. He must end his term Bila kusumbuliwa

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Gedion Moi

He will be on ballot. The system prefers him. He will be in Kitui Nation courtesy of Senator Kiio.

Raila Odinga

He reminded us he will in ballot 022.he showed us his team, Orengo and team.

Governor Ngilu

Today she was relaxed and confident. I don’t why. I noticed this…
✅When she was first called to address the congregation, there was serious ululations and clapping. My seat mate from muumoni was excited.
✅But when she continued on part of her manifesto explanation, there was deep silence, i don’t why, maybe because she spoke in English
✅She scored politically
When she noticed, Hon Nunu has not spoken, she cleverly introduced Monica Juma and Hon Kaki to stir waters. Monica with her deep voice was very confident. Hon Kaki was shaky, she passed over bandits case back to Ngilu to pass it president. Hon Ngilu eventually ignored it.
✅She cleverly a knowledged presence of former Governor Malombe alias Kyuma. Curiously there was wide applause after she mentioned his name. She was testing whether governor Malombe will be in ballot 2022.they confirmed.

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Senator Kiio

He requested for Uhurus intervention on bandits problem. The president said leaders need to consult him sio kuongea kwa Matanga. This confirmed, the message was home.
*Hon Kasalu*
She was seriously smart, and as usuall, smiling She presented a good request on bandits problem to President though she was shaky. I still don’t understand why.

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Governor Mutua

The professor of PR. this guy made Tseikuru mothers clap for his PR. Nobody in Kenya can beat Mutua in PR

Governor Sonko

The most popular politician in the event followed by Raila and Mutula Kilonzo Jnr

Kalonzo Musyoka

He literally asked Uhuru to give him Job.Raila Got. He will get.

Lastly i observed ,
there is something special with polygamists and leadership
⛔Uhuru is from Polygamy setting
⛔Dp Ruto, is from Polygamy setting
⛔Kalonzo is also from Polygamy setting

Am also from the same setting.