Father Nicholas Mbondi has asked Makueni women to reject free affidavits issued by Senator Mutula Jnr’s office terming them as deceitful and retrogressive.

While addressing mourners at the burial of Mwalimu Mavuti at Mumbuni in Muvau ward the Catholic leader cautioned women against the affidavits which help them to replace their father’s name on ID Cards to that of their husbands. “Senator Mutula’s free affidavit campaign is a fallacy, that is a well calculated plan to deny our mothers and daughters their right to independently own property. Women be wise, don’t fall in his trap” Father Mbondi warned.

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He said that changing identity would make women slaves to the men who marry them and that they will be the biggest losers in the event of divorce. “The only document that should bare your husband’s name is your marriage certificate. If you replace your father’s name with his name on your ID card you will become his slave and property. He will be counting you among the list of the things he owns” Mbondi cautioned.

Photo file: Makueni senator Hon Mutula Jnr.

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Mutula who was represented by Daudi an official from his Wote town office was left with egg on his face. This is a blow to the Senator who has used the free affidavit campaign as a tool to sway political opinion in his favour. The second time legislature is among the few leaders seeking to succeed Prof. Kivutha Kibwana as Makueni Governor in 2022.

Others in the race are KMTC Chairman Prof. Philip Kaloki who has opened six Medical training campuses in the County and Women Rep Rose Museo who prides in empowering women groups through GALF.