Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jnr is the undisputable successor of Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana come 2022 if what am hearing from the villages is true.However my political barometer indicates that he is most likely likely to fall prey of his predecessor’s snare and retire politics early.

Kibwana who is interested to contest the gubernatorial seat again in 2027 wants to leave the seat to a person he can control or manipulate when out of power to conceal the sins of his regime but Junior can’t take that crap.

Junior the new kid in the block is a young man of wits and a no-nonsense leader but Kibwana is a canning political guru full of deciet. The two are as different as day and night and their opinions on governance are east and west.

Junior thrives in fact finding and laying bare while Kivutha thrives on PR, propaganda, witch hunt and blackmail. If the statistics of 2017 polls is anything to go by Mutula is more loved and enjoys the confidence of the electorate than Kibwana.

However you can’t under estimate the old man he is among the few seasoned politicians who can control the systems in Makueni; the church, civil society and government officials while Mutula is a lone ranger. Kibwana has vowed to stop Mutula from succeeding him but it has not materialised despite partnering with other probable candidates.Mutula Junior who comes from Mbooni enjoys support across all six constituencies.

He had positioned himself to dethrone Kibwana in 2017 before Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka asked him to drop his bid in favour of the governor and rather defend his senatorial bid.

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Am not a prophet of doom but take a screenshot coz this is due. Mutula’s landslide victory in 2022 will become fodder for his political downfall. You don’t need rocket science to know that you cannot stop Mutula from succeeding Kibwana but the later is not sleeping. He knows that the success of the former is an untenable political liability.

Mutula the fact finder will expose him over the looming graft, incompetence and abuse of office; fraudulently hiring unqualified staff, tendering proxies, faulty procurements, undocumented assets and liabilities etc. The old man feels vulnerable to his successor and has since devolution used his position of influence to stop investigations and even evade grilling by various Senate committees.

Remember that he had to fake a foreign trip to escape Senate Mashinani programme when the Kajwang led Public Accounts Investment Committee sort to audit his 2013/14 to 2016/17 financial records.

If your memory serves you right, you will remember that Kibwana blamed Mutula for what he termed as a move to tarnish his good name. But truth be told it was an unbiased legislative process. Junior knows that there is a rot in Kibwana’s administration but it is hard to fix it now. He opts to let it pass and revisit the page later when mzee exits the scene.

Has Mutula not dared those corrupt officials in Makueni County to loot as much as they wish in Kibwana’s tenure? But rest assured that he will jail them when he becomes Governor in 2022. That is a movie I would like to watch as I enjoy my cappuccino at dawn.

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The biggest mistake Mutula did was to play safe for too long while Kibwana hands were off the gloves. That silence is a political liability. Kibwana has been there for the last seven years as a governor but the county has been looted left right and centre.

The political party that has sponsored them into power has not been spared too but Mutula never questioned. Kibwana is walking as a saint yet those of us who are members of the fourth estate are privy to his sins. His regime looted public coffers more than any other county you know.

All auditor general reports have unanswered audit queries ranging from relocation, misused to misappropriated funds amounting to billions of shillings. Kibwana only got it right in the 2018-19 financial year when he became the first governor to have a clean audit report. Fool us not that was just a PR stunt.

Details emerging from the controller of the budget report of the same financial year confirmed that we got a clean audit because Makueni County Government spends zero on development so we could not logically have wasted a penny. Devolution has not been actualized in Makueni coz only the first County Assembly got is right on oversight roles.

Kibwana has been forced to admit that he will be succeeded by Mutula but he has a plan B; To let Junior be and sweep him down to political oblivion by capitalizing on his weakness. They will troll him with hashtags #AfadhaliKibwana and use the County officials with the security of tenure to derail the implementation of his government agendas.


Mutie the County Secretary was unprocedural forced down our throats to strategically approve the employment of various County officials that Wasanga had declined to. Mutula is marked left right and centre and he must determine who becomes MCA if he is to survive the onslaught.

Have they not told you Mutula has a huge ego? Have they not told you he only hires females at his offices? Have they not told you that he is self-centred? Have they not told you that he wants to fire the relatives they employed? Have they not told you he is a chest thumbing person? Have they not told you that he is not a good manager? Have they not told you he can only serve better Senate? Have they not told you he rides on his father’s name? Have they not told you that he is an academic dwarf? I am saying it coz they have told me too. But what they don’t tell us is that they have hired their blood relatives, tendered to their own companies and they are afraid that you will one day be told by a Mutula if you doubted a Musoma.

I leave my good brother Junior with a point to ponder; if you want to go fast walk alone but if you want to go far walk with others. The destiny of a stray buffalo is in the hyena’s belly.

Remember corruption fights back!!!