Mutua Defends CS Matiang’i Over fake gold scandal


by county diary

Machakos Governor Dr Alfred Mutua has defended the interior Cabinet secretary over the ongoing fake gold scandal politics ,seems everyday we are bombarded by shocking revelations of impunity and graft.

Currently we are all caught up with the saga between Kenya and my former employer, the United Arab Emirates.

I have noticed some excitement from some people who are asking for Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiangi to explain this or that.

From the information I have, Dr. Matiang’i is doing a great job and he should not be used to divert us from what is really happening. I ask my fellow politicians to leave Dr. Matiang’i alone and to know that mentioning him will not slow down the investigations against some of them.


I suspect, if information by sources is anything to go by, the common corrupt thieves who have been robbing our country dry are also involved in this gold scandal. They are everywhere and in every shoddy deal that is making majority of Kenyans poorer. Mambo bado.

I, however, urge the DCI and other investigative bodies not to be distracted by the glitter of gold such that they forget the mega scandals that have seen loss of public money in Kenya.

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Let us not forget the Dams scandal, the KRA saga and the myriad cases of corruption that have robbed us of badly needed cash and development. We are still waiting for action. Please do not let us down.

As for the gold, I keep on repeating: Let all leaders and senior public servants undergo a lifestyle audit. That way, you can tell when one has acquired 250 million shillings through conning others. Sudden acquisition of wealth should be explained.

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I hope President Uhuru Kenyatta is zeroing in on all these leaders and the properties they own. What cannot be explained should revert back to the state and used to provide roads, water, education and more for our great people of Kenya.

I propose that any persons suspected to have swindled our friends of the U.A.E, should be repatriated to Dubai to be tried and when found guilty, jailed in one of their tough jails.
At least we know that in Dubai, Justice will be served speedily.

Dr. Alfred N. Mutua, E.G.H,
Party Leader, Maendeleo chap chap posted on social