Mutomo’s GARDENS of Eden: Farmer Minting Millions in Semi-arid Area, Must Visit


By Yoana Kimwele

A rare farmer in Kitui South is proving to the world that a dusty, semi-arid enclave like Mutomo can be centre of excellence, thanks to irrigation farming.

A farmer is amongst the few farmers Kitui who are making a killing in agribusiness sector and consequently smiling all the way to the bank.

Madam Kivoto who recently worked in the higher echelons of the Kitui County Government as a Chief Officer at the helm of the Ministry of Trade and Cooperatives has created a showcase, transforming her farm to Centre of Excellence in farming.

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In here lies the opportunity.

Pawpaw is a tree that is quite resistant to dry conditions and hardy to pests and diseases. Once planted and well established, just a little care will be required from time to time.

There are various varieties of pawpaw and now we even have the dwarfs which start producing fruits from the ninth month. With a line spacing of 2 m and tree-to-tree spacing of 2m, one acre can carry 1100 trees.


Each of these trees produces 40 to 50 kg of fruit every year giving you about 40 to 50 tons of fruit per acre every year. With a kg selling at an average of sh.90, you can easily make 4.5 million shillings from an acre of pawpaw every year.

Photo by the County diary.
Onion plantation farming in mutomo
Fish pond for irrigation
This is effective fish pond for the farmer
Butternuts for stew instead of potatoes


Harvesting Butternuts
Onion plantation


Rain Water storage from houses

Madam Gladys checking the butternuts plantation.

The farmer harvesting onions

This butternut
Fish ponds, the easiest way to harvest runways water for future use.