Muthuka J.Kyalo Slated To Attend Global Medical and Health Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, next week.


By PATRICK KIMANZIKITUI: Reknown medic researcher and prolific Kenyan scientist is expected to be among scientists to feature at a global arena in North America next week, COUNTY DIARY has learnt.Muthuka, aka Prof is attending the caucus as a young consortium research fellow invited on merit among other peers from different parts of the world.The lecturer at KMTC has hogging headlines on the public domain as a young upcoming scholar pegged on his proficient works on articulating salient research phenomenas, especially in Maternal, Child Neonatal and HIV thematic areas.It was just in July where he scooped an award in Singapore putting KMTC again on the global map.The scientist, a simple fellow who hails from Kitui County had this to say regarding the upcoming conference;”My research on epidemiology is a niche never tackled before. It sets a novel agenda on dealing with the incidences, distribution, and possible control of HIV and other diseases pertinent to Maternal and child health outcomes, nurturing PMTCT intervention especially in Kenya and Africa at large” said “Prof” during the interview with COUNTY DIARY.In the past he has been on the similar trends of research dissemination in different parts of the world.The PhD fellow of epidemiology says all he aspires is to deliver his nolveties as far as he can.John will be having two major key talks in Las Vegas followed by a cosortium among other similar young scientists mostly from Europe, South Africa and Asians origins.Kyalo has been placed on a cohort that will focus on HIV and MCH thematic areas.The fellow has several health related qualifications cutting across medicine including pharmacy, biotechnology, public health and nutrition.When asked why all these? He says with a cheeky smile, ” to be a medical or health researcher, you need to be an expert in Health field in a multifaceted manner, no human is limited”.A father of two beautiful girls says that ‘the vital need is to keep nurturing my girls to be like their papa. Its my prayers that God will allow me.NEXT: The Johanesberg, South Africa:Johanesberg: After jetting back to the country, Muthuka will again fly out to South Africa, this time as an invited scientist to speak in a congregation of diverse expert’s in several fields including engeeneers, medics, scholars, and leaders.The platform, which is expected to nurture young Africans who selected him on merit based on his tactility with innovative brains.He says; it’s like a calling, I just love research…..Ends

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