Muthama shields Ngilu from Kiema kilonzo’s assaults



Former Machakos Senator and tanga tanga battalion leader Hon Johnson Muthama has defended Kitui Governor Ngilu from political assaults by ambassador Kiema kilonzo.

Muthama shields Ngilu from Kiema kilonzo's assaults
Muthama shields Ngilu from Kiema kilonzo’s assaults.

**Muthama shields Ngilu from Kiema kilonzo’s assaults**

Ambassador had called for Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu to equip all the hospitals in Kitui just like the other neighbouring counties.

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Quoting several incidents where patients have been seeking medical services outside Kitui – kiema said, “As a senior politician in Kitui – the Governor should explain where she is taking money meant for medical services”.

“It is a shame for the people of Kitui to continue seeking medical treatment outside Kitui when the Governor is Mismanaging resources meant for medical services” kiema added.

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Muthama speaking on the same event defended the Governor, “saying it’s the national government to blame for poor disbursement of county resources from the national treasury”.