Muthama Gubernatorial Candidature Catches Machakos Unawares


Powerful and towering Kamba leader and former Machakos Senator Hon Muthama Nduya gubernatorial candidature announcement is causing a serious political heat in Machakos County.

The iconic Senator Muthama, reknown for his spirited defence of the Kamba Nation against any percieved political invasion, could be treading where angels fear to tread.

Muthama is astute politician, he is loved by the people of Kenya, when he speaks the three ukambani counties Must listen to him.

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His entrance in active political Arena has caused political heats in Machakos County, because by far he is among the heavy weights in Ukambani counties.

On Sunday he was joined by Prof. Emmanuel Mutisya who will be gunning for the Makueni Gubernatorials while the two were condoling with the family of Mr. David Mutua in Kangundo, a leader who has made a big impact in community development.

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Thereafter, the two consulted on how to make the Kamba Nation great and respected.

The two share one thing in common, Hon. Stephen Kalonzo must stand up and battle with other leaders for the top seat, kamba’s should not be taken foregranted any more.

“We must rally behind Hon. Kalonzo for Presidency in 2022. We should truly rescue our people from Egypt to Canaan, by fighting corruption and protecting citizens votes during general elections”, Muthama said.