Mutha Residents Decry Rampant Banditry, Want State Intervention


29th March 2019

By Our Reporter

Residents of Mutha, Kitui South, have once more appealed to the State to flush out camel herders who have been terrorising them.

The locals, who have been living in fear, lament that the bandits, masquerading as herders, have killed several people and maimed others in the last few years.

The clashes have reportedly resulted from pasture and water-related disputes which agitate during dry seasons as camel herders encroach Kitui en mass from neighbouring Tana River County.

What’s more worrying is that the culprits have gone scot-free despite assurances from the national government to decisively tackle the runaway insecurity, according to locals.

Besides, it is a pity that leaders have kept mum as innocent sons and daughters (voters) of Kitui continue to live in endless fear, anguish and distress.

This as the leaders revel air-conditioned, cosy offices while enjoying Delmonte juices!

This is neither the first nor the last time the residents have pleaded for beefed-up security.

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Apart from Mutha, other banditry-prone areas of Kitui include Malalani, Endau, Ukasi, Sonoma, Nuu, Nguni, Ngomeni and Tseikuru in Kitui East and Mwingi.

Leaders should, therefore, unite and say no to such invasion and attacks. This is the time to unite and speak in one voice for the sake of our people.

Kitui South security team led by DCC Jacob Ouma has been conducting regular patrols on the area but Mutha locals’ tendency to lease water points to the camel herders has weighed down on efforts to evict the herders who have become a serious security threat.

The Government has also ordered persons who have encroached Tsavo East game reserve to leave the protected area with immediate effect.

DCC Ouma has as well ordered people living on Thua Water catchment and doing water business without the authority of warm to stop it or face the government wrath.

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Some people believed to be from Kitui East and Mutha have dug water wells and are leasing it to camel herders who are believed to come from the Neighboring county of Tana River in exchange for money.

Ouma has advised people to stop the illicit business of leasing of a water well to camel herders in that area.

The Government will not watch a few people who are causing havoc in the prone area continue to operate with impunity, its a crime for anyone to lease the government land to neighbouring county camel herders without following the laid down rules by the government, Jacob added

Imagine these camel herders threaten and sometimes kill locals yet such acts go unpunished coz, understandably, security agencies including the police and chiefs have gone to bed with the Somali bandits angry Simon wambua said.

On Wednesday Kitui based journalist visited the area to see and get to know what happens, this is what KNA correspondent said when we talked to him, “It was really difficult to get info abt this victim from security officers in the area. They flatly refused to talk to us when we asked about mzee Kinyamasyo Kiteme.


“But residents secretly helped us trace the victim’s son who took us to his bedridden father.

“The 82year old man is nursing broken limbs (both hands, left leg and three panga cuts on the head.”

The national government should quell brewing tension between Somali and the other communities.

The national government should flush out the herders who have infiltrated Kitui to end frequent killings and other acts of lawlessness. Simon wambu the son of the latest victim said.