Mutha Member of County Assembly hon Anthony John has finally spoken On the controversial cutline and the controversial Cutline contractor who is alleged doing illegal work in kitui South Game Reserve.

Kitui minister For environment and natural resources hon Patric Koki Musau has already ordered the contractor to vacate the area until proper public participation is done.

Mutha MCA Wrote:

As MCA of mutha ward, i wish to state as follows;

1) After the eviction and demolition of the reserve illegal settlements, the next ideal move as was demanded by the people of muth was to determine the cutline with the consultation of all stakeholders with emphasis on the people’s interests.

2)The act of sneaking a contractor was ill-advised, contractors are taken to the site by the ward admin in presence of MCA’s office and members of the public should be aware. BQ is communicated and the site is handed over to the contractor.

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Whatever happened with the cutline contractor was a clandestine venture whose intentions is well known by the Ministry of Environment, Tourism and natural resources officers.

3)As the area representative i did inquire, first to establish if indeed this contractor had been sent from the government of kitui, and i did establish he was from the county ministry and who was procured through a closed tender.

4) The reason for the procurement to use a closed procurement method and later sneaking the contractor to the site without the knowledge of my office and the office of the ward admin is yet to be unearthed.

5) After the beans were spilt, and everything went uncontrolled-the contractor was eventually discontinued and official communication is supposed to be issued in regards to the status of this contract.

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6)Nobody is in any way trying to steal, or sell any part of the reserve and this is not possible. The only possibility is the loss of county public funds through such dubious ways.

Therefore, it is of importance to understand that the challenge there is with the current leadership to help the people of mutha fix what went wrong a long time ago. And unless we people understand our role in initiating this process, we shall remain troubled with the uncertainty of the permanence of the resolve to mutha insecurity puzzle.

Records read that we are at a fix, and the more we politicize the matter the longer it will take to realize the conclusion to this matter.

Let us open up and talk about this agenda bv with the sobriety it deserves, otherwise, we will lose the battle.

Ni hao kwa sasa.