Mutha Livestock Traders Sacco Makes historic Move In Kitui County

Mr. Joseph Makau ( in striped shirt), Chairman- Mutha Livestock Traders Co-operative, Mr. Juma Mathenge ( in a Black Jacket), Mr. Nhenge Longosi ( Coordinator) and Dr. Temi ( the Value Chain Specialist in the Office of the Governor ( at Mutha Market.

Another 1st for Kitui South Sub- County, as Mutha Livestock Traders Co- op Society Ltd. enter into the lucrative Middle East goat meat market.

Mutha Livestock Traders Co- operative Society have made history in Kitui County and possibly in the County after bagging a contract for the regular supply of goat meat to the Middle East

Mr. Joseph Makau ( Chairman), Mr.Juma Mathenge (Secretary), and Mr. Nthenge Longosi ( Coordinator), were full of praise of Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu, for the clearity on her Manifesto, and especially on the agenda on wealth creation.

Under the agreement, an average of 150 goats will be, being slaughtered and exported weekly, with the possibility to more than triple the number, once the Co-operative is able to demonstrates it’s ability to meet the stringent requirements demanded by the Market.

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On his part, Dr. Temi said that, the meat consumed in the middle East is either imported from Pakistan, Ethiopia or Kenya, with most consumers preferring meat from Kenya, and especially from Kitui County.

Dr. Temi urged Kituians to make 2020 the year for serious turn around on wealth creation as repeatedly being championed by Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu in her manifesto.

Ready for take off
Inspection complete
Mr. Nthenge Longosi and Dr. Temi after inspecting the loaded truck, ready for the trip to Nairobi.
Selected goats ready for loading
The final product, ready for chilling, for 2 days after which the Halal compliant goat meat is individually packed and taken by the slaughter house to JKIA airport for export to the middle East.
Chairman Makau and Dr. Temi, trying it out on “skinning”.
The team being shown how the weights are checked
Undergoing thorough Sanitization so as to be allowed into the slaughterhouse.