AND I SAW KIBWANA IN A DREAM, MUSOMA : It’s the eve to labour day a public holiday ushering a long weekend, and in serenity of my bedroom a funny dream wakes me from my sweet sleep.

It’s July 2023 in my mental illusions and am having lunch at Mutindi’s cafe Wote town. The old man on the other side is Kibwana the former Governor Makueni County. He is having Mala with Ugali made from mwee and am delighting on Nzenga with lentile soup.

So I move closer and we begin chatting in mild tones. “Musoma you know what Andelina and I are facing in court” he pauses as i nod in acknowledgement. After investigating them EACC has recommended their prosecution and tasked the Multi Agency team on graft to move with speed to execute that.

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The asset and recovery body has already frozen their bank accounts and confiscated all their prime properties including his palatal home in Ngong and travel documents.He is currently living in rented apartment in the city but Andelina is in the confines of Lang’ata womens prison. “Am out on a cash bail but Madam Mwau has been denied, i told her to coorperate with the DCI but she didn’t comply” Kivutha whispers as he swallows a huge chunk.

Am eating quickly coz my driver is signaling me, we are running out of time we had adjourned the session to the afternoon over quorum. The Majority leader is supposed to table an accountability bill at the County Assembly.

The bill proposes that all County staff and their spouses be barred from biddng County tenders and jobs over conflict of interest. I foot his bill together with mine and pass him a small token under the table.Before i excuse myself to jump it to my official car, he pulls me to the corner. “Am sorry Bwana Speaker i know my administration treated you with condempt but now you are the only person who can help us now. Governor Junior doesn’t pick our calls any more” laments the former County Chief who is now a person of interest amid teary eyes.

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The old man is stressed, his political mojo is gone and he is starring a possible jail term over, misappropriations,reallocation, fraudulent hiring of staff and faulty procurements.

Before i respond to him we are interrupted by a short staggering drunk brother to my predecessor who has just been laid off for his unprocedural employment in the County. He continues chanting “Kibwana for President!! Kibwana for President!!” causing members of public to laugh out loud sarcastically. I roll up my windows as i cracking my ribs for the free comedy.

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Then all over sudden something coils itself around my neck, am chocked and i can’t breath. I want to shout but i can’t so i stretch my hand far to tap my driver’s shoulder. Alas!!! I fall from my bed and the coldness of floor wakes me up, ooh it was just a dream.

Then i remembered Chimandada Ngozi my favourite African writer,from Nigeria.

It was a dream, happy holiday