Musila’s candidature excites Hope & dreams


Kitui County Hope and Future lies in the hands of the former celebrated Kitui Senator, -Hon. David Musila is currently running for the Kitui Gubernatorial seat in Jubilee Ticket.

Musila served well as the senator for Kitui county and people still need him to serve as the top man in the county’s Executive, this as the Governor.

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His track record speaks for itself and in Volumes since the time he was Kenya’s PC in the by then troubled Central Province, as Mwingi South Mp, as Deputy Speaker in Kenya’s 9th Parliament, and as the ever best Senator of Kitui.

He participated in growing and developing Kenya at large both socially & economically, an undisputed political icon for our nation.

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A strong believer, Musila introduced his foundation, the famous “David Musila Foundation” which has educated hundreds of students both in High schools and Universities/Colleges across all the 8 -piece SubCounties in Kitui.

In this foundation, Hon. David Musila has been using his resources and finance to raise families all across the county.

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Kitui is now ready to have him lead this county and bring sanity to it, end corruption and introduce an equitable share of the county resources.