Musila Woos More Kitui Professionals With Meetings in Nairobi.



The former Kitui Senator Hon David Musila on Thursday evening held a successful Kitui Professionals Meeting in Nairobi county after the Wiper NDC conference.

Former Kitui Senator David Musila reassured professionals present that he and Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka have already buried their differences that emanated during the Wiper nominations for the Kitui Gubernatorial in the 2017 General Election.

Musila was speaking on Thursday at the United Kenya Club in Nairobi where he hosted a meeting in whose ranks included mostly Kitui Professionals.

The meeting had been convened to drum up support for Hon Musila second stab at the Kitui Governorship in the 2022 elections due to his sustainable development record spanning over 30 years.

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During the meeting, there was an attempt by two agents who had been sent as spies tried to query the conveners about the procedures and intrigues of Wiper nominations but their efforts were successfully thwarted.

The organisers had been tipped that violence was likely to erupt at the rendezvous and so they had procured the services of Kiui’s men in black – just in case!

There was a tense moment at the meeting after Ngilu’s lawyer Mbuvi Katunga asked Senator Musila whether he could assure his supporters that he will accept the election results.

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As the lawyer prepared to fire further questions in a moment reminiscent of a courtroom session, he was told to sit down or leave the meeting by fellow professionals but he chose to stay put.

Senator Musila also had a hard time responding to questions posed by former Ngomeni Ward MCA Nzungi Ngwele who is Malombe’s die-hard supporter.

The former Ngomeni ward Councillor asked him whether he truly believed in democracy since he was always coercing the Wiper Party to give him a direct nomination rather than campaigning for a free and fair nomination process that would demonstrate fairness in the party.


The former Senator said he had been assured by the Wiper leadership that the party was going to use “a scientific method” to determine its gubernatorial flag bearer and that the scientific method already showed that he was far ahead of his competitors.

Other gubernatorial aspirants who have expressed interest in running on a Wiper ticket in Kitui County include former Governor Dr Julius Malombe and Kenya’s High Commissioner to Uganda Ambassador Kiema Kilonzo.

The former Ngomeni MCA and Dr Malombe die hard is alleged to have attended the professional meeting in a view to derailing the agenda.