Musila TAKES his camps Drill in Nuu Ward, Mwingi central



    Former Museum National Chairman Hon David Musila was in Nuu Ward during his escalated campaign trail in Mwingi Central.

    The former Kitui senator Musila attended AIC Church service in nuu in Nuu ward Mwingi Central Constituency.
    Addressing the Church Congregants, Musila reiterated his resolve to minimize the development gaps,neglect and misnomers experienced in Kitui County for the last ten years.
    Later in the Day, The Amazingly strong,cheerful and full of unravelled energy, Govenor Musila held a mega rally at Mwambiu Market in Nuu Ward where, borrowing heavily from his manifesto Titbits,promised The residents that once Elected.
    ECDE Teachers Will be permanently employed.
    All sacked community health workers will be reinstated and permanently employed.
    Boreholes, Earthdams in every Sublocation
    Free Provision of lunch to Pre school kids.

    Equitable allocations of Bursary to needy Kitui residents… among other development agendas for making Kitui great again Under Govenor Musila.

    Later in the Evening, Incoming governor Musila held a closed door meeting with members of Team Musila for Govenor,Nuu Ward.
    During the Tour, Govenor Musila Was accompanied by Nuu strong Support Team, volunteer Supporters From all over Kitui County.

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