Musila takes charm Offensive to Vote-Rich Kitui South, Wins hearts & Mind



The former kitui senator hon David Musila has continued to win feasts of acknowledgement from voters and leaders in equal measure.

The current political arithmetic in Kitui South like any other region is changing at a very high speed as the election date draws near.

It’s crystal clear that kitui south which is jubilee zone have agreed to back Musila, the entry of former kitui south Mp aspirant Hon Kennedy Moki, Lawyer Kitindio to Musila’s camp have expanded his political reach in the area.

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Kitui south for the last few years has been perceived as Dr Malombe’s stronghold with some area like Athi kamutei and upper Ikanga have religiously stuck with Governor Ngilu.

The former Museum chairman hon David Musila has ostensibly taken control of the vast kitui south rich voting zone which has been perceived as the Malombe”s zone.

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Musila has strategically placed himself as the ideal candidate for the ndee nation, if the political Matrix remains constant, the highest numbers of kitui south will vote for Musila followed by Malombe and Governor Ngilu in that order.

It’s a done deal, Kitui South is for hon David Musila.