Mulyungi Welcomes Mwingi Municipality, Says It Is An Economic Boom




MWINGI – Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi is a man of many firsts.

Mulyungi, recently credited for agreeing to work with Governor Ngilu to facilitate Mwingi town to be conferred the prized municipality status – is smarting from yet another political triumph that saw the KENHA spare the town from recent demolitons.

“The municipality status will see Mwingi reap the benefits that come with the status. The real estate market profits will likely hit the roof. Residents will enjoy better sanitation, improved town planning and robust infrastructure.

Investors will come calling” said Hon. Gideon Mulyungi at Syumikuku a fortnight ago.

Meanwhile Mwingi town quest for municipality status has received support from Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu.

Speaking when she visited Mwingi last week for a consultative meeting, Ngilu said;

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“Mwingi residents will upon confernment enjoy better planning and development of infrastructure thus increasing interest of private investors, jobs and business”.

The Mwingi Municipality, Ngilu said “will attract increased budget allocations and funding from institutions that fund urban development programmes such as World Bank, increase efficiency in access to services and spur citizens’ engagement with the county and national governments”

The public participation was led by Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu and graced by among others Mwingi West MP Charles Nguna, Mwingi North MP Eng. Nzengu Malili, Kitui County MP Dr. Irene Kasalu, Mwingi Central MP Dr. Mulyungi’s representative, Kitui County Members of the County Assembly, the Mwingi Business Community, Members of the clergy and thousands of Mwingi Residents.

The preparations to usher in the municipality are in line with the criteria set out in the Urban Areas and Cities Act.


The municipality status for Mwingi town is maturing 26 later after the conferment status proposal was first presented to retired president Daniel Moi in 1993 by the late Councilor Joseph Musyoka Munyambu.

“The Municipality will cover Mwingi Central and Kivou Wards, parts of Waita Ward, parts of Kiomo/Kyethani and a part of Kyome/Thaana Wards, including Mumbuni and Katalwa in the Mwingi West Sub County” said Mulyungi, a respected global architect and the winner International Philanthropic Award (Africa 2019).

Noting that Mwingi Town administration budget is sh.82 million, Ngilu said her government will allocate additional funds in the budget to have financial resources that match the ambitious plan for the development of the Municipality.

During the public participation meeting it was agreed that a proposal to confer Charter to the Proposed Municipality of Mwingi will be development as soon as possible.

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Governor Ngilu, Gideon Mulyungi and the County Executive with the Kitui County Assembly expedite all legislative, administrative and prograsmme initiatives required to realize the Charter and Municipality in the shortest period possible.

“The quest to ratchet up development in the larger Mwingi saw the two leaders agree to work in tandem buoyed by a a politico-social handshake event that has been celebratted in Ukambani.

The political-social handshake by the two Kamba politicians is receiving massive support from the masses” said MP Mulyungi Director of Communications Patrick Kimanzi when quizzed by the local media yesterday.

I SALUTE YOU, SIR: MP Gideon Mulyungi gets a SALUTE from Primary School pupil on 23 Nov last year. With him is MP Spokesman Patrick Kimanzi. PHOTO/MPPRESS ARCHIVES