Kitui: Multilateral Bank Acquires masks from KICOTEC


By Barrack Muli.

The Trade Development Bank has today acquired 140,000 facemasks from Kitui County Textile Centre {KICOTEC}to help in curbing the spread of Coronavirus.

The Multilateral financial institution is stepping up the fight against the virus by supporting the national government efforts in distributing masks and other protective gears as a response strategy to the pandemic.

According to Governor Charity Ngilu, KICOTEC is producing facemasks and other PPEs in furthering the efforts to fight the pandemic.

Governor Ngilu says the factory will continue carrying out quality mass production of facemasks and PPEs considering its capacity noting that the factory will expand production to meet the demand in the market.

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“We expect to increase labour in the textile by opening branches in Mwingi and Mutomo to strengthen the areas’ economies”. She added.

On his part, Trade Development Bank Chief Operating Officer Michael Awori said the bank is supporting frontline health workers all across the country in the fight against COVID 19 saying “these people deserve our full support-and it is with this purpose that we are making this contribution”

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He said the approach is a concept of economic and social responsibility to partner with the local institutions and achieve the wellbeing of the people in the fight against the pandemic.

“As part of our response to this pandemic, we partner with the institutions locally to develop a sustainable response” he said.

Awori expressed contentment with the factory’s work that has seen thousands of masks distributed countrywide noting the consignment will be handed over to the Emergency Response Kitty on COVID19.

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He said the bank is repositioning for a strengthened response to the pandemic to contain and mitigate the health and social-economic impacts in the region adding that the development finance institutions have a key role in the response to COVID 19.

He was speaking at KICOTEC when he received the consignment from Governor Charity Ngilu.

Kicotec centre.
Kitui governor charity Ngilu speaks
Kicotec continue to produce face masks