Mulaimu,Nimrod ping pong in show of muscles as KE burst into flames


War of the word is expected to escalate further in Kitui East between the former Parliamentary Aspirant Mulaimu Muvusyu and Tough Mp Hon Nimrod Mbai, the COUNTY DIARY Has learnt.

Mr. Mulaimu appears to oppose everything that Mp Nimrod is doing In kitui east for the reasons better known to him, on Sunday Mulaimu took to the social media and this is what he posted!

“What the MP for Kitui east took to the people of Endau/Malalai and voo/kyamatu wards was not public participation but a mockery at the intelligence of our people:

  • He gave the residents (not them deciding) up to 25th December to divide and occupy or else he will give it to the outsiders. Who is he to give people such notice? and to divide our land?.

Even if it was a genuine undertaking, it is in the rainy season, the rivers are flooded, the ground is thick with vegetation and our people are busy in their shambas. Why this short notice? why the hurry. Is the land running away? Whom is he serving? He knows that it would not be possible for our people to leave their busy schedules to attend to this fraud. So the hurry is to give out this land to the outsiders??????

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“Much of this land has been occupied before. Some of the homes were burned down by shiftas, people were killed and chased away from their land.

“How do you deal with such logistics in such a short time? Who is he to invalidate such ownership? or. Does he want our people to kill each other as he sells our land?

-The MP was not accompanied by any officer from other government agencies like lands, provincial administration, the County government or any other relevant institutions. What authority does he have to dish land? This is a fraud and a prerequisite for inter-family conflicts and fights, this MP must be arrested.


Three things our people should be careful about:

A)If this division is to happen one piece will have double ownership and our people will fight each other, there will be so much conflict, worse than the shifta killings.
B) This land-grabber has already sold this land, the good reason for his madness in hurrying for the division or he has ready buyers from outside and most likely the Ngamia herders. We all know he has been visiting and talking to these people
C)If A and B are not the cases, the boundaries review is on the way. He wants to use the data from our wards ( Names, signatures, and IDs) to manipulate our decisions in the boundaries re-alighnment.Remember he said he will donate Endau/Malalai to Tana river and that too was not in Kitui east don’t take that for granted.

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He knows the two wards are sending him packing, so watch out, he can do anything against us guys.
Our people should also remember in 2011/12 some politicians went around paying our unsuspecting people 1k for their names and signatures. The lists were used to send the sombe ward to chuluni and Nzambani Ward was returned to kitui East, it had already been moved to Central constituency.

My appeal to our people is that we must now talk about this matter from a serious perspective. He is not allowing this fraud on our land, Mulaimu added

Kitui east Mp Hon Nimrod has remained silent on the allegations.